Spring Cleaning For Your Golf Game

by Eddie Kilthau on March 22, 2011

A magical time of year!  March Madness is in full swing.  The Masters is now only a few weeks away.  Spring training baseball in Arizona and Florida is heading to third and rounding toward home as Opening Day is now within sight.  The rights of spring time across the country are upon us.  The weather in the midwest and east is starting to change from winter to spring.  And those golfers who have been cramped up in the snow and ice are anxiously awaiting a day in the 50′s or 60′s so they can go play!

It might be a good time to take an inventory of your game.  What areas of your game need the most help?  It would suit you well to go see your local PGA Professional and start from scratch just like Jack Nicklaus used to do with his teacher Jack Grout.  Every January, Jack would get his fundamentals checked starting with the grip and working right through his bag.  That seems like a great idea for all of us. 

And don’t forget to work on your short game.  Spend at least 60% of your time on your short game so you can reap the benefits of that work all summer long.  And I would suggest to go have your irons checked to make sure the loft and lie of each club is still correct.  If they are not, get them bent so they are.  At 150 yards, if the lie of the club is off 1 degree, the ball is 20 feet offline….at no fault of yours.  Take your equipment to a respected club repair facility and ask them to check yours.  A simple tip to hit straighter shots all year long. 

And don’t forget to set some goals.  Make them achieveable but make them realistic.  If you have never broken 100 before, why not let 2011 be the year.  Chipping and putting is where this would happen.  If you haven’t broken 90 yet, I’m guessing your wedge game needs to improve and you need to hit more fairways.  If you haven’t broken 80 yet, your putting and bunker play needs work.  And if you haven’t broken 70 yet, you need some mental coaching to push through that barrier.  Whatever your goals are for golf 2011, let’s all smash through and enjoy golf more than ever.  Here’s to Fairways and Greens!

Eddie Kilthau
PGA Member

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